Happy Mother's Day to My Muther

I don't think my mom likes Mother's Day because she always seems
to be out of town on that day. I could be wrong, but wouldn't you take it as a sign that she doesn't like the day? Actually it is their Anniversary this week and they're enjoying Hawaii. Lucky ducks. So since I can't sing "Mother I love You, Mother I doooo!"
in sacrament meeting for her today, this post is a tribute to her, and to
show her what she's missing out on treat wise:) and to let her know I love her!
I actually love Mother's Day, more for everyone else than just for me. I love to tell everyone, "Happy Muther's Day, you muther!" Doesn't that sound a little scandelous?
In a good way of course. I also love the way my kids treat me on Mother's Day. My favorite card still is one that Jake made me a few years ago at school.
Each page had a different way he loved me written down and why. On the last page it said, "I will always remember you........." and the kids had to fill it in. Jake wrote, "I will always
remember you when I am on my mission. Crap it is making
me cry right now. It was just a little reinforcement that maybe
I am doing something right as a mom. So happy Muther's Day to all you little muther's out there. But especially to my mom!! I love her guts, and
I think she is and was the best mom ever!
I'm going to list the things my mom taught me, and why I am greatful. First off thanks for teaching me how to make gravy! When I got married it was the only
thing I new how to make, but I can make a mean, lump
free gravy everytime. Every Sun. it was my job to stir the
gravy, as my mom made it. I even got to do this at her house last Sunday.
She would test and stir, and all the while I was learning
from her example. I don't ever remember
her saying, "Now you add this, and do this, and then do that." it was always
just example. Good Mom!

Next is how to keep a clean home. Ours was always spotless, and
I still leave my microwave for her to clean when she comes to
visit. She just does a great job, and is always willing
to help out. I think about her clean house daily. Especially when mine isn't so clean, and I'm trying to be more like her everyday. She could have company drop by at anytime, and not feel a bit sheepish for the mess. There never is one!

I learned a love of serving others through
my mom. I remember all the hours spent at my
grandma Barker's house while my mom put her mom's and her grandma's hair in pin curls. She did it weekly for as long as they were alive. She even did it for their funerals.
She was always doing compassionate service through church, and making dinner for many a sick person in the ward. Every Christmas for years there was
an old man who loved her Praline Pecans, and she
would make him a huge batch for him to share with his family. He always wanted to pay her for it, but she woudn't take it. She just did it out of kindness.
I learned a love for older people through
my mom too. Every Christmas when my dad was
the bishop, she would prepare a special Christmas dinner for
all the widows in our ward. It was always a highlight of the season. I think there were 14-15 little old ladies in our area, and my mom would make
the most deluxe dinner for them. Red table
cloth, Christmas dishes, red stemware,
and a dinner you'd die for. I loved serving the food to the ladies, and seeing them all gussied up. They would tell stories, and I'm sure it was the
most wonderful night of their year. We loved this little tradition!

There are so many other qualities that my mom has that I try
to emmulate everyday. I am thankful for her generous
nature, willingness to talk, willingness to give advice, and also the willingness to
not give advice sometimes. In some circumstances that's
important too. She is always proud of you, and lets me know I;m doing a good job.
I wish you a Happy
Mother's Day mom!!! I love you, and all that you've done for me and my little family. I may have not been your favorite person for quite a few years
growing up, but you are mine now!! I love you and I
hope Hawaii is wonderful, and when you get home I've got some flowers to plant for you!! You're the best!

Here's the treat she's missing. It's probably a good thing
though since we're always on a diet. My mom's favorite dessert is Stawberry Rhubarb Pie, but I must say she may like these little love cups a bit too. The Clawson's are getting them today though. I love the Clawson's too! They are Lucious Lemon
Cupcakes. I have found a new favorite, and I'll bet you $10 they'll
be your favorite too. It's a simple enough
recipe. Just a white or yellow cake mix, but it's what you do after that, that is impressive. Make a batch of Lemon Curd.....the recipe is off the box of
cornstarch. It's just a Lemon Meringue filling, or I guess you could make lemon Jello too. After the cupcakes are cooled you fill a ziploc bag full
of the lemon goodness and stick it into the top of
the cupcake and squirt about 2 T. of the filling in. It works best with a big frosting tip. Then frost with the frosting. They are sooooooo dang good.
And perfect for a lovely little Mother's Day brunch, or dinner!
Again I love you Mom!!!

Lovely Lemon Cupcakes

1 box white or yellow cake mix made according to directions

2 t. lemon zest in cake batter

Make a double batch of lemon curd off the back of a box of cornstarch

Cream Cheese Frosting

1 8 oz cream cheese

1 cube butter

1 pkg. powdered sugar

zest of a lemon, lime and orange

1 c. stabilized whipped cream

1 c. cream whipped,¼ c. powdered sugar1 t. gelatin dissolved in ¼ c. cold water. When bloomed melt over low heat on the stove until melted. Drizzle into cream as you are whipping.

To assemble cupcakes pipe cool lemon curd into the top of the cupcakes. About 2 T. Make cream cheese frosting and then fold in ½ c. lemon curd, and the stabilized whipped cream. Pipe on the top of the cupcakes.


  1. Them cupcakes was freakin delicious! I aint seen none better, not never! Them was good! Lisa's a good cooker woman, and she's hardly never ignert to me.

    Dave Clawson

  2. Dave is a nerd, but right about the cupcakes I made them and loved them. But what do you have that makes the frosting at twirled up like that?



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