Yeah!!! January is over! (and so is the Pinewood Derby)

I am always so happy when Jan. is over.  There is nothing wrong with Jan. in particular.  It is just long, cold, colder, and bleak.  I will say though, that we have had some amazingly beautiful crisp clear days.  It may only be -4' F outside, but it looks beautiful.  Thankfully it is over.  And along with Jan., the Pinewood Derby is over.  I have yet to have any  winners at the Pinewood Derby.  We have participated in four of them now, and four times there have been tears.  This year it was my tears not Jakes.  It was last Weds. night and James was late getting home.  He was late for his church meetings too so he rushed out the door with a big, "Good Luck!  HEHE." and I was the one in charge of getting the car perfect.  I hate showing up at the church on Derby night and all the dads have pockets full of weights, a tube of graphite, and the most competative nature about them.  Poor Jake was the only kid who's mother had to help him. What a disgrace.  A few of the dads took pity on me and helped out though.  I am now an expert at sanding the axels, graphiting the wheels and tapping them  just the right way, and glueing just the right amount of weight on a Derby car.  We didn't win, but we at least had a lot of fun with the silly string at the end.  Notice the graphite all over Jake's nose.  So handsome.  I had a lot of graphite all over me too!  James thought I was hot!


  1. Lisa, on your next derby, just give me the wheels (the car can look as frumpy as you like) and I guarantee a win. Ya know a little Ryan magic and no more tears at the derby finish line! I don't think it's actually cheating, I believe there is a machinist clause somewhere in the rules. Ryan

  2. Lisa, Oh How I feel the same way about January!! I am so glad I found your blog while I was "Blog Stocking" others!! It is probably the only way I get to keep up with everyone!! Keep Blogging so I can keep up with you! Love Your Guts!! Celeste



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